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    so this is mostly about Yhwach, I want this wiki to be a bit different from others and the way we go about things so this is the first scaling issue. Yhwach is planet+ and being backed up statements that he was going to erase and merge all three worlds.. the problem is that we don't know how he plans to go about this.. i mean it's the same with the soul king, a being that was keeping the three worlds together should logically have the power to do so.. but was killed by a country level Yhwach.. Hmm Glass canon maybe?, i dont think so personally besides we do not have enough proof to dismiss his planet+ claim nor accept it.  so is it unreasonable for me to rather rate Yhwach's full power at "Unknown".

    as for his base and casual  I would sugge…

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  • Soldier Blue


    • This blog is a work in progress. I will update it with new info if/when I come across more statements and feats relating to star destroyers in Canon.
    • This thread will contain spoilers which range from "minor" to "major" for a bunch of canon novels and comics. Proceed with caution.

    ~ And the blog starts here OwO ~

    ~ OwO ~

    Captain Tabor Seitaron of the Imperial Navy gives us an idea about the destructive power of a star destroyer:

    Tabor had served aboard Star Destroyers even before they'd earned the name - during the darkest days of the Republic, when shipwrights used to building merchant vessels and gilded yachts had scrambled to learn the arts of war. He'd seen the ships evolve from overwrought behemoths barely able to power their frames t…

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  • Shadowbokunohero

    The Original Calc was done By Gwynbleiddd from Vs battle wiki so all credit goes to him Original Calc

    for sake of saving us trouble in the event of something happening to the link im going to post it here.

    Kakuzu = 10 px = 1.85 m

    Crater diameter = 395 px = 73 m

    Radius = 36.5 m

    Volume (of hemisphere) = 2/3*π*r^3

    Volume = 101844 m^3

    Rock was pulverized

    Energy = Volume (in cm^3) * 214

    E = 2.18e13 Joules ( 5.2 Kilotons of TNT) or Small Town level+

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